“Carol Gleeson and Clare  Nijhawan are exhibiting their work, portraying their love of nature, each presenting their interpretation in very different ways. Having lived in the countryside for many years, the joy of nature can be explored and portrayed in a creative form. 
It derives such pleasure for us, by transferring pure expression onto canvas with different art techniques.”

Repetition isn't just a photographic technique, it's a portal. Step through these images and explore the world anew. Familiar patterns become mesmerizing rhythms. The ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

This exhibition invites you to see repetition in all its forms: comforting echoes and unsettling symmetries. Discover how photographers use repetition to create a sense of order, chaos, or something entirely different.

Let these images challenge your perception and spark your curiosity. What stories does repetition tell? Does it soothe or disorient?

Look twice. Repetition awaits.